RISS creates design that works and deliver values to the clients. Main works are in the field of commercial spaces, hospitality, retail, corporate and exebitiondesign. Our office work both with inventing brands from scratch and reinventing existing. 

We have reinvented TGI Fridays brand for USA. Prototypes was designed for the domestic marked and 300 stores rebuildt. In Scandinavia we have repositioned TGI Fridays and built restaurants in Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm and the latest opening mai 09 in Malmø. 

Other reinventions in Oslo are 2.etg. Hotel Continental, Hotel Bondeheimen, Lorry, David Andersen jewelery, Tanum bookstores. In helsinki 10.th floor at Hotel Vakuna is a god example.

Invented from scratch is among others NB. SørensenBevaremegvel and Newsman in Stavanger from the earlie 90´s still keeping the same feel and look. Same with Herlige Land in Kristiansand. In Oslo, consepts like Fritjof Pub, Onkel Donald and Foxx are exampels together with the latest, Eataly, an italien restaurantconsept for UMOE. Selvaag Pluss servicefunktions for appartments is another newly opened in Hinna Stavanger, Tjuvholmen, Frogner and Løren Oslo and Hovedgårdstunet Kristiansand.

RISS was founded in 1980 by Petter Abrahamsen, Interior Architect MNIL. He received Norsk Form Prize for young designers in 1992 and JACOBPRISEN in 2003.


Oslo City Architecture

RISS DESIGN was in 2004 given Oslo City Architecture Prize for the interiors of Oslo Spektrum and in 2010 we received The Design Effect Prize from the Norwegian Design Counsil in the category Design Management-branding-sales and comunication, visiting arenas and meeting places. Project TGI Fridays.